Welcome to Stumbling Through History, the travel history blog of Michael and Elizabeth Hardy. They are historical interpreters who are passionate about the past and can be found on many a weekend volunteering at various historic sites. For 18th century events, they portray settlersStumbling10 in the southern Appalachians, with a special knowledge of medicinal herbs, incorporating insights originally learned from the  Native Peoples, like the Cherokee. For 19th century events, Michael often portrays a Southern Antebellum lawyer, although he can also slip into a military role quite easily. Elizabeth can portray either a lower class, or upper middle class civilian trying to survive on the home-front or can present on topics that cover all social classes, such as literature and clothing. Together they have extensive backgrounds as interpreters and have worked with various local, state, and national parks.

During the week, Elizabeth is a senior instructor of English at Mayland Community College, which has been consistently ranked as one of the country’s best community colleges. She also writes literary criticism and blogs at Hogwarts Professor. Michael is the award-winning author of more than twenty books on the Civil War, Appalachia, and other aspects of history. He lectures extensively across the eastern United States, and occasionally teaches  college continuing education classes. You can learn more about him through his web page, Michael C. Hardy

The Hardys are also home schooling parents and use the abundance of historical sites and museums to supplement the education of their children who are also experienced interpreters. The family travels extensively, always trying to visit as many historic sites and museums as possible along the way. Some of their favorites are those locations where history intersects with technology, from Benjamin Franklin’s print shop to anything involving the space race.

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